One Stop Camp Solution
Based on the research on the camping consumer market of young people, Alpicool leads the market trend of high-end camps with high-tech, high-quality, high-performance prefabricated houses and technological industrialized design.
In terms of product delivery, 100% industrialized production of the entire house has been achieved. The house can be put into use immediately after the plumbing system and electrical system are set up, which greatly minimizes the damage to the environment caused by on-site construction, and meets the requirements of ecological development of cultural tourism projects.
One Stop Camp Solution
Keep technological innovation, create wonderful mobile life.
Life is more than the poetry and far lands, there are bright star as well. We want to build a more harmonious way of living with nature. Our prefab house can be integrated with any natural environment, without destroying plants and trees, without construction waste, protecting the natural ecological environment, and adhering to the environmental protection concept of sustainable development. To make people enjoy a comfortable and different outdoor life.
Camp Planning
Combining the model of
accommodation, entertainment facilities and other facilities. From the sightseeing type to the leisure type, we hope to let users really get close to the natural scenery, but also have a safe and beautiful experience in the camp.
Main Product
Alpicool prefab house features full steel frame and aluminum alloy shell. In addition to the unique technological appearance design, our prefab house is also equipped with panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass and balcony, allowing you to get in touch with nature closely. Living facilities are readily available to meet the requirements of simplicity, comfort and high quality of life.
Core Advantages
  • Unrestricted terrain  Environmental friendly
    Unrestricted terrain Environmental friendly
    No foundation required. All-terrain coverage of peaks, dense forests and tidal flats. Do not destroy a piece of grass. No construction waste, and eco-friendly
  • Overall prefabricated  Quick installation
    Overall prefabricated Quick installation
    60 days production, 2 hours install. No need for on-site construction and decoration.
  • Unique design   Catch people’s eye
    Unique design Catch people’s eye
    100% original design, leading the market trend. Flow product, received the attention and exclusive interviews of many media such as CCTV.
  • Panoramic view  Back to nature
    Panoramic view Back to nature
Cooperation Cases
Camp: She Ye Yi Zhai
  • Address: Shitang Town, Wenling City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
  • Address:May,2020
  • Opening hours:All year
  • Accommodation unit:6 villas-S5
  • Supporting facilities: Swimming Pool, Sea View Restaurant, Children's Playground, Billiards, Chess and Card Room
  • Address: Zhanhai Village, Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province
  • Time:August,2019
  • Opening hours:Open in May, closed in November.
  • Accommodation unit:30 villas-S5
  • Supporting facilitiesWanderlust Cafe&Bookstore, Prairie Meeting Room, UTV, Farm, Campsite.
Camp: Zcamp  CAMP
  • AddressZhongshan Nanlang Chongkou Star Camp
  • Time:November 2022
  • Opening hours:All year
  • Accommodation unit:11 villas-E7
  • Supporting facilities: Swimming Pool, Sea View Restaurant, Children's Playground, Billiards, Chess and Card Room