Zcamp Prefab House Debut ASEAN Expo

  The 19th CHINA-ASEAN EXPO, and The 19th CHINA -ASEAN BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT SUMMIT opening ceremony was held in Nanning, Guangxi province on September 16th. ASEAN Expo has been successfully held for 18 consecutive sessions. It has become the “Nanning Channels” between China and ASEAN, the bright logo of Guangxi, and the important cooperation platform of CHINA-ASEAN. It has played an important role in building "The Belt and Road" between China and ASEAN.

  The theme of the 19th CHINA-ASEAN EXPO is "Sharing New Opportunities of RCEP and Boosting China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone Version 3.0", aiming to further promote the China-ASEAN comprehensive strategic partnership.

  Through this exhibition, the Zcamp prefab house actively promotes the high-quality integrated development of the cultural, tourism, and health industry, and establishes information-sharing channels for cooperation at home and abroad.

Focus on High-end Tourism Camp

  Alpicool takes the “adhere to technology innovation, create better mobile life” as its mission and vision, and insists on the sustainable development concept. Based on in-depth research on the camping consumer market of young people, Alpicool takes the high-tech, high-quality, and high-performance Zcamp prefab house as the market entry point to build a more harmonious habitat between humans and nature.

  The Zcamp prefab house is loved by a vast number of tourists, and the Zcamp program has been highly recognized and praised for helping rural revitalization, and there is an endless stream of tourists who come to the booth to visit and experience the capsule house.

Leaders From Many Countries Gather to Visit and Guide

  The Zcamp prefab house has a small footprint and is lightweight and movable. It breaks the series of pain points such as high investment cost, lack of construction land, and limited flexibility of traditional homestays in one fell swoop. Therefore, the consuls of various countries praised the prefab house and experienced its comfort and intelligence of it.

Leaders From Many Places Come to the Booth for Experience and Guidance

  In terms of product delivery, Zcamp realizes 100% industrialized production of the entire accommodation unit. The finished product is ready to use when it is connected to water and electricity on site, which greatly speeds up delivery efficiency. To a large extent, the damage to the environment caused by on-site engineering is eliminated, and the ecological development of cultural tourism projects is truly realized.

  Therefore, in the craze set off by the "camping economy", Zcamp prefab house attracted great attention and shined for the first time when it participated in the CHINA-ASEAN EXPO.