Set up a national professional maintenance center and build a professional after-sales team

In recent years, the most direct contact between consumers is after-sales maintenance service, presenting the chaos in the industry, but has not been fundamentally solved.

The main reflection of consumers: after-sales service is not timely and not in place;some manufacturers have a weak sense of service and do not pay attention to demands;Manufacturers lack effective supervision of subordinate maintenance outlets and after-sales personnel lack professional level, which lead to new losses during installation or maintenance.


Professional after-sales service is absent

According to the latest research report in car refrigerator, the industry is still in a rising stage. Most car refrigerator brands have no perfect after-sales system and no professional maintenance team. The supervision of brand after-sales outsourcing is poor and the service is lagging behind relatively.

Under the three-year epidemic situation, the survival of enterprises themselves is a test, not to mention self-built maintenance teams and self-operated after-sales service outlets. There are also many after-sales through outsourcing cooperation ways,and few after-sales outlets that are directly supervised by enterprises in the real sense.

Alpicool portable fridge freezer has accelerated the layout of product after-sales maintenance system since the establishment of its own brand. Online customer service staff provide answers for users, and offline implements the after-sales mode of combining product sales and maintenance services.

A strong skilled maintenance team trained by the company combined the huge sales network of dealers realizes better after-sales service according to different markets in different markets.


Every little thing of users is a big thing about Alpicool

The era of service economy has arrived, and high-quality service is to enable customers, employees and enterprises to achieve a triple situation.

With the official subscription account of Alpicool,the company website and other ports, customer service staff and the product engineers answer all the questions of the product for each user.

Alpicool subscription account receives over 10000 inquiries about the use of products by customers every day.We respond immediately during designated working hours, register user problems and provide solutions.At the same time,we feed back to product engineers to do product optimization and upgrade iterations.

Every little thing about the user is the top priority of Alpicool.Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. In after-sales service,we continue to sum up experience and constantly improve service quality, which gradually form a complete service system to solve the user's worries.


The establishment of national fixed-point maintenance units

To set up national multi-site fixed-point maintenance service center is one of the major strategies of Alpicool this year. It has set up after-sales maintenance outlets for car refrigerators in Linyi, Shandong, Shijiazhuang, Hebei and other places.In may this year, Alpicool portable fridge freezer maintenance service center Shenyang outlet to provide users with professional after-sales service.

On the one hand,we increase the number of national outlets, which make the channel of national service unimpeded.On the other hand,we promote industry standards to make related categories more standard and create an after-sales service system that can be copied and can support large-scale

development.Alpicool trains excellent after-sales team to provide users with quality service and leads the industry to a new realm of after-sales service.