Alpicool Won the Quality Benchmark Award of China's Vehicle Industry

Since March 2022, Information Times and Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd. have carried out in-depth Investigation on the car fridges industry,and launched "the first batch selection activity of excellent car fridges product".May 31st, "Focus on the car era, enjoy car life" the first batch of excellent car fridges product and the release ceremony of "White Paper on Consumption" were held in Guangzhou.

Mogul, well-known experts, business leaders and famous media came to the grand meeting to discuss the new mode of industry development and the new wind direction in the future.Alpicool portable compressed car refrigerator TAW45 won the first batch car fridges because of its excellent performance and "Industry Quality Benchmark Award".TAW4 became the spokesman for the quality of China's car refrigerators.


Create a benchmark brand in the field of segmentation in industry

"Peach and plum don't say anything, but make your own way", so do enterprises and products. Excellent enterprises depend on excellent products.Only when the products are recognized by the market, enterprises will naturally gain the respect of the industry and users.Chairman and Founder of Alpicool Junjie Qin gave a speech at the meeting.

Founded in 2013,Alpicool has achieved an annual sales of 700 million from 0 in just 6 years, which is Full of confidence in the development of the field of car refrigerators.At present,Alpicool ranks first in the subdivision of compressor car refrigerator in the world.The total sales volume of Alpicool up to 2.5 million units.There are more than 140 hot-selling products in the world and 243 domestic and foreign product patents.Alpicool with LG,CHINA NATIONAL HEAVY DUTY TRUCK GROUP CO.,LTD,Metro AG,COSTCO and other 50+ international famous brands have reached strategic cooperation.

"The requirements of car fridges are stricter than those of household appliances." General Manager Tan said that in addition to meeting safety and efficacy demand, car fridges need to think from the perspective of users:how to be portable, the practical demand of different models, the outdoor use demand, etc.We also need to continuously develop and optimize more products to better meet the needs of users.

Car fridges will soon achieve a scale of tens of billions in the domestic market. In this subdivision, product quality represents everything.From production to quality inspection,Alpicool refrigerator first goes through more than 20 production processes and more than 50 product quality control process,and confirms that the product quality is 100 percent qualified before putting it on the market.

It is self-pursuit of Alpicool's identity as a quality benchmark that Alpicool provides good products to meet the needs of users and inject new impetus for sustainable development into the industry with high-quality products.


Accurate positioning, close to market and user needs

"Information Times" put forward at the meeting that the demand for on-board electrical appliances is rising synchronously due to car ownership;and in 2021, China's sales volume of cars was 26.275 million,ranking first in the world for 13 consecutive years;16.91 percent of the total number of newly registered cars increased by 138.20 percent over the same period last year.It shows a high-speed growth trend,which makes the vehicle electrical appliance market grow at a high speed.

"With Alpicool,a compressor car refrigerator company started to have an annual sales volume of over one million units.Because of Alpicool,compress car refrigerators have become popular.Aimin Yu, general manager of Alpicool, believes that "compared with the total car ownership,too many people's demands are not satisfied.We still need to work harder. "

"At present,the market is too big,with one million units sold a year, which is almost insignificant with hundreds of millions of cars."Under the market trend of new energy, consumption upgrade and camping boom, the car refrigerator industry will show another peak.


In the past six years,Alpicool refrigerator has introduced more than 140 refrigerators to the terminal marketall of which are produced according to the highest international standards process requirements,meet the growing market demand with cost-effective and high quality boutique strategy. Core refrigeration technology and Insulation process have also constantly upgraded.Only when the product quality is strong enough and we adhere to value marketing,can the enterprise achieve long-term and steady development.

Since March this year, two group standards of Portable Compressed Car Refrigerator and Portable Charging Gun were declared,CVC Weikai has conducted professional tests on a number of domestic automotive electrical products submitted for inspection.Alpicool Portable Compression Refrigerator TAW45 won the "Industry Quality Benchmark Award" (the only one in this selection) in the first batch of excellent products of vehicle electrical appliances.


This is the recognition and praise of the market, industry and peers for the quality of Alpicool products, the gift of time to technology, and people's trust in the brand. In the future,Alpicool will also help consumers live smart and healthy mobile life with better products and services.