There are many choices for youth. Embrace whatever you want to feel

As a 4A-level scenic spot in Foshan,Gaoming soap curtain mountain enjoy the title "the first peak in Foshan" with its main peak at an altitude 804.5 meters. In front of the mountain,the forest is quiet and deep and spreads all over the mountains.It is hard to see fully just like a boundless green tent, hence the name.

The soap mountain scenic spot has been upgraded since 2019 and completed in April 2022. Alpicool and VESSEL on April 27,placed the mobile star house E5 in the soap curtain mountain scenic spot, work with scenic spot to create new characteristic scenic spots and new formats

Alpicool E5 model adopts a flat aluminum alloy exterior finish, which is full of technological sense,and is equipped with a viewing balcony to get in touch with nature at zero distance.Mobile star house with convenient and quick design, can be installed in different environments,can be landed in pools,hilltops, grassland.Don’t destroy the already built landscape and don’t generate construction waste.It can be used after 2hours,and does not affect the daily operation of the scenic spot.

Life is wild, we have the right to choose any kind of life.The installment of E5 coincides with the Youth Day,which represents youth and different choices to embrace different life.If you're tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can try the star house,which is integrated with nature.

Here, you can experience soap curtain mountain standing on the summit, and the distant mountains and near mountains are roaring and you can have a panoramic view.Look to the far east,the peaks and waves are boundless.The waters of the West River flow eastward;Look to the north,through the peaks with different heights,rivers, mountain roads, villages,towns are clearly visible.

“The mountain is close to the sky,and there is no place at the foot of the mountain to wander.The hermit wants to stand at the top of the peak and have the ability to pluck the stars.”Jie Lu,a magistrate in the Qing Dynasty,climbed the soap curtain mountain to compose poems.We can't stay in nature and wonderland like the ancients, but we can experience a time of relaxation and self-searching in our leisure time.