Milestone | Groundbreaking Ceremony of Foshan Alpicool Holding Group Co., Ltd.’s Industrial Park Phase III Construction

On 9th May, Foshan Alpicool Holding Group (hereinafter referred to as ‘Alpicool’) started the construction of the third phase of the project. This project marks a significant milestone in Alpicool's growth, signaling its entry into a new phase of development.


【 Photo of the Groundbreaking Ceremony】

Founded in 2013, Alpicool is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D of refrigeration equipment and accessories, as well as refrigeration systems. It offers comprehensive solutions for refrigeration, including car refrigerators. Alpicool's Phase III Construction marks a major leap forward in the development of new energy vehicle refrigerators. By implementing advanced equipment and processes, the construction project will introduce intelligent and automated production lines. This will significantly enhance production efficiency and product quality, ultimately enhancing the technical level and market competitiveness of our products.


【Rendering of Phase III Construction Project】

Phase III Construction Project is planning to construct a production base for new energy vehicle original equipment refrigerator. This production base is mainly used for R&D, production and sales of new energy original equipment vehicle refrigerators and other mobile refrigeration products. The total area of the production base is 20,037.54 m, and the building area is nearly 80,000 m. With an investment of 220 million yuan in fixed assets, the project is poised to become an environmentally friendly, efficient, and innovative industrial base for the refrigeration industry upon completion.


【Guest Signature】

Following the signing, the exciting speech segment began. With thunderous applause, the President of Alpicool Holding Group and the Secretary of Communist Party of China (CPC) Working Committee of Lunjiao Street took to the stage to deliver their speeches.


【Speech by the President of Alpicool】

Kim Qin, the president of Alpicool, announced that the first phase of the company's headquarters building was completed and put into operation in early 2024, with the second phase scheduled for completion in July of this year. Moving on to the third phase of this project, the Alpicool team and the participating construction units will continue to work with enthusiasm and dedication to complete all tasks. Their focus remains on construction safety and quality while meeting the construction schedule and putting the project into operation as soon as possible.

Upon completion, Alpicool’s Industrial Park will implement an ‘Four-in-One’ Development Strategy including smart base management, digitalized industrial production, intelligent safety production, informatized quality control services. This comprehensive approach will achieve standardized operations, ensure safety and reliability, enhance efficiency and convenience, promote resource sharing, and elevate the company's overall operational capabilities, further strengthening the influence of Alpicool. Looking into the future, Alpicool will be committed to fulfilling its mission with unwavering determination: One Car, One Fridge.


【Speech by the Secretary of Lunjiao Street】

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Secretary  Shankai Ye remarked that as a homegrown digital enterprise in Lunjiao, Alpicool has not only witnessed the transformation of Lunjiao's digital industry from ‘scattered’ to ‘refined’ and from ‘nascent’ to ‘hidden champion’, but has also made outstanding contributions to the high-quality development of the Lunjiao digital industry: it has ranked first in global sales of portable compressor refrigerators for five consecutive years and has earned numerous company awards, including National High-Tech Enterprise, ‘Specialized in Special New’ Enterprise in Guangdong, Hidden Champion Cultivation Enterprise in Foshan.

Alpicool been consistently ranked among the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Shunde in 2022 and 2023. On the basis of its own continuous growth, Alpicool has actively contributed to Lunjiao, not only remaining the largest taxpayer in the district for four consecutive years but also being dedicated to social welfare. Moreover, in 2021 and 2023, Alpicool made two significant investments totaling 900 million yuan to establish a high-standard industrial park covering approximately 10 acres in Lunjiao.



【 Photo of the Groundbreaking Ceremony】

Amidst the joyous sounds of firecrackers, the groundbreaking ceremony  for Alpicool’s Industrial Park Phase III construction was successfully concluded. The completion of this project will inject strong momentum into Alpicool’s future development and further promote the upgrade and development of the new energy vehicle refrigerator industry. Taking this groundbreaking ceremony as an opportunity, Alpicool will seize the moment, achieve new successes, and strive to create a new benchmark for the production of new energy vehicle refrigerators and become a leader in the new energy vehicle refrigerator industry.