ZEEKR X Refrigerator, to Start a Wonderful and Comfortable Driving Life

In the context of increasingly intelligent times, Alpicool and ZEEKR partnered to create the world's OE car refrigerator for compact luxury cars. This car refrigerator integrates technology into new energy vehicles, bringing consumers the ultimate car experience.

It is reported that ZEEKR X Refrigerator adopts the most advanced refrigeration technology, and has the characteristics of fast refrigeration, energy saving and power saving. More importantly, it breaks through the cooling temperature of common car refrigerators on the market. The cooling can reach minus 20 degrees. It can really freeze food quickly, ensuring that the food in the car will not deteriorate due to high temperature in summer, and meeting users' needs for food quality and health.


In addition to the refrigeration function, the car refrigerator also pays attention to the safety and experience of product use. ZEEKR X Refrigerator has a three-speed smart car battery protection system, which monitors the car battery voltage in real time to ensure safe use. The anti-vibration professional design allows the refrigerator to operate stably even if it is tilted at 40°. With low-noise design, you can enjoy high-quality mobile life at any time.

The product has not only reached the international standard technically, but also has an innovative breakthrough in product design. The designer of ALPICOOL cleverly integrated the appearance of the refrigerator with the interior design of the car, making the product more in line with the overall style of the car. The LED intelligent digital display is easy to use and operate.


It is reported that ZEEKR X was officially released and listed, which has attracted widespread attention in the domestic new energy vehicle market. The launch of this new energy vehicle with car refrigerator not only brings consumers a more intelligent, efficient and healthy life experience, but also demonstrates the strong strength of China's manufacturing industry in the field of technology.